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Looking for Made In USA N95 Masks? Here are 10+ American-Made Options

Thanks to the Alliance for American Manufacturing for featuring USM in their blog! United States Mask’s N95s are perfect for woodworkers, those in construction and other industrial professions. Whatever the demand, we’ve got the supply!

Alliance for American Manufacturing 

Most companies are still prioritizing getting respirator masks to healthcare and other essential workers, but some are offering small quantities for public sale. Earlier this week, the New York Times ran a story looking at the dichotomy happening right now when it comes to N95 masks.

One of the companies, DemeTech, may even have to lay off 1,300 people if things don’t improve quickly enough. Part of the problem, as AAM President Scott Paul told the NYT, is that the federal government needs to step up. Officials need to provide better coordination between mask makers and healthcare buyers and also ensure that American companies have a market for their products by doing things like making sure the national stockpile is filled with American-made masks.

Officials are still recommending that healthcare and other essential workers get first priority for N95 masks. But some companies are offering masks for public sale, either in small quantities or bulk orders for businesses and other organizations.

Learn more about 10 companies making and selling N95 masks in America below. (If you are in the market for a surgical or cloth face masks, check out this previous post.)

United States Mask 

Like DemeTech, United States Mask ran into walls trying to get its N95 masks to the folks who needed them most. Partners John K. Bielamowicz and David Baillargeon built the Fort Worth, Texas company from the ground up in 2020, hoping to address PPE shortages. When they finally had product, local county officials went with N95 masks manufactured in China. But there’s good news: United States Mask told its story to the Dallas Morning News, leading to a surge in public interest. The company now offers limited quantities of its masks for sale each day on its website.

Read more here; https://www.americanmanufacturing.org/blog/looking-for-made-in-usa-n95-respirator-masks-here-are-10-american-made-options/

Healthcare workers are still reporting a shortage of N95 masks, which are superior to surgical masks because they provide filtration protection against COVID-19. But at the same time, several American manufacturers of N95 masks – including startup companies that launched specifically to address these shortages – are saying they can’t find buyers.

For more American-made PPE, check out our Made in America Directory.

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