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FW Report covers U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey's (District- Fort Worth) visit to United States Mask on June 1.

Chongyang Zhang / Jun 2, 2022

Veasey said his goal is to have policies that keep American companies competitive. We deserve to be part of the solution when we did it out of patriotic duty when others waited to be paid to do it,” Bielamowicz said.

Bielamowicz has been going to the Capitol monthly since March to speak with the House Armed Services Committee & Energy and Commerce Committee. Alongside, Veasey, Reps. Jake Ellzey and Michael Burgess have visited the company to show their support. 

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N95 Masks vs. KN95 Masks: Which Work Best to Protect Against Covid When Traveling?

Tim Chan / Apr 9, 2022

Mask restrictions may be easing but don’t drop that mask just yet. Researchers say an N95 mask is still the most effective form of protection for travel as new variant concerns linger... 

While there are a number of good face mask options for traveling, the most effective face masks according to researchers continues to be a protective N95 mask.

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What will mask manufacturers do now that the mandate has ended?

Ryan King / Apr 23, 2022

“We did not expect that to compete with free,” Bielamowicz said, referencing the White House's January decision to distribute millions of high-quality masks at no cost. “I saw one yesterday, just a basket of free N95s, provided by Health and Human Services. And so our question is, 'Where is our cut?' … We're essentially on the cusp of being run out of business by our own government.”

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United States Mask is Bringing PPE Manufacturing Back to America

/ Dec 15

In a time when the majority of personal protective equipment is made overseas — most notably in China — and U.S. supplies are in scarce supply, United States Mask is bringing manufacturing of PPE back to America, increasing both its trustworthiness and availability... The product is sourced and made exclusively in the United States, using state-of-the-art technology and custom machinery.

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Fort Worth Startup Launches Production of U.S.-Made N95 Masks

Scott Nishimura / Dec 31

The two opted to produce N95 masks, for their close fit on the face and high filtration, made in the United States of materials obtained from within the country. Their aim: to help avert the need to import critically needed PPE and prevent supply chain disruptions in the future. The strategy meant months in materials procurement, design, and testing to win CDC clearance.“

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In three days, life in a new Fort Worth mask company shifted from no business to complete sellout

Dave Lieber / Jan 29

In a matter of days they sold a quarter-million N95 masks across the nation... Two men pumped their life savings into building from scratch a factory that makes certified N95 masks, the kind you want but can’t find easily online because scammers have made it difficult. 

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Looking for Made in USA N95 Masks? Here Are 10+ American-Made Options

Elizabeth Brotherton-Bunch / Feb 12

Thanks to the Alliance of American Manufacturing for featuring USM in their blog! United States Mask’s N95s are perfect for woodworkers, those in construction and other industrial professions. Whatever the demand, we’ve got the supply!

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Can't Find an N95 Mask? This Company Has 30 Million That It Can't Sell. 

Andrew Jacobs | Feb 10

“We got into this business because we were troubled by America’s dependence on foreign manufacturing and wanted to do something about it,” said Mr. Bielamowicz

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U.S. Mask Company in Arlington battles China with a new invention, a high-quality face mask for kids

Dave Lieber / Oct 21

If you do a web search for masks for children, a lot of products come up, but they are mostly either small adult masks repackaged and claiming to fit children, or they are neck gaiters. 

Adult-sized masks don't provide a tight seal for children. Sometimes they can reach up to a child's eyes. So we decided to build an N95-type mask that fits ages 4 and up. And we vowed to make it the highest quality they could. 

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7 Signs Your N95 Mask Might Be Fake

Elaine K. Howley / Apr 9

Counterfeit N95 respirators have infiltrated the market and could leave you at risk. Since the coronavirus pandemic hit in March 2020, Americans have become well acquainted with public health advisories that encourage us to wash our hands, practice social distancing and wear a mask in public. While a simple, reusable cotton mask offers some protection from the aerosolized particles that can cause a COVID-19 infection if inhaled, for the highest level of protection, many Americans are looking to acquire N95 respirators.

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This New Addison-Based PPE Supplier Is Manufacturing and Sourcing From the U.S.

Alex Edwards / Nov 30

United States Mask was recently founded with the mission to produce "in America, for Americans." In an effort to provide front line workers with easy access to PPE, the company uses materials sourced from the U.S. to make N95-certified masks in a Fort Worth warehouse.

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Fort Worth N95 Mask Company Initially Discarded As Tarrant County Supplier

Nicole Nielsen / Jan 27

“We were immediately disqualified because Tarrant County was looking for some specific models that were made in China. We are not, we are made in Fort Worth, USA,” Bielamowicz said.

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Two guys start a D-FW mask factory but can’t catch a break. Forget made in Texas. China always wins.

Dave Lieber / 

The Dallas Morning News captured our journey to prove that American manufacturing is capable and able to provide and succeed, despite initial setbacks. 

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