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United States Mask

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United States Mask

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A Word from Us to You | 6.16.21

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for an N95 for your family, for your job, or just for yourself to make sure you can get the best respiratory protection you can get.

 We wanted to let you know the status of things here at United States Mask.  Each of you who have believed in this are part of this journey, and it’s important that as a part of this, you know what’s going on.

 A little while ago, we suspended production of our Model 1836. Our 1836 N95 is certified by NIOSH under the public health emergency, which means the 1836's approval is only effective while the emergency use of personal respiratory protective devices is in effect. United States Mask was one of a select few who were approved to manufacture N95's under this emergency use authorization and we’re proud of that. The 1836 N95 represents what we’re capable of when Americans set their mind to something.

We plan on being here for the long haul. In order for us to keep on serving you in the future, our team needs to be 100% focused on developing and getting the factory ready for our new N95 model.

 We’ve always prioritized institutional and medical users, and with inventory now available from an order that ultimately did not go through, we’re offering it to you.

All that said, we want to give you a quick update on what’s been going on, what we’re doing today, and what’s coming next.

 First, to answer the most common question we’ve been getting…. 

Q: “You’ve been out of stock fooooreverrrrrr…. When will you be back in stock? 

 Answer: As we answer this (July 16, 2021) we’re about to be back in stock. Once we sell out, they’re gone.  There will be zero availability of the Model 1836.  We’re working on other products and masks, but we will not have another N95 until we achieve approval of our new model of N95. 

Second question we’ve been getting…

 Q: “Where are yall?  Are you guys still around?”

A: Yes, we’re here.  We’ve had our heads down working on that awesome new model we keep talking about….  We do realize we’ve been not great about updating social media and things and we’re so sorry - we'll work on that too. 😊

And for the third, and no one is really asking, but we think you ought to know….

 Q: What’s next for United States Mask?

A:  We’re working on multiple ideas, but our focus has been, and remains certifying our new N95.  It’s going to look similar, but there will be a couple of minor changes we think you’ll like.  You all have given us great feedback on the 1836 which has allowed us to improve our design even more. We never thought we would nerd out about things like layers of polypropylene, head straps, and lab equipment, but here we are.

So that’s the update!  It’s been wild.  We’re making great progress toward our next more improved model of N95, and we look forward to getting what’s left of our inventory out of our warehouse and onto all your smiling, masked, clean-breathing, faces.


David Baillargeon & John Bielamowicz

Co-Founders, United States Mask

United States Mask featured on CBS DFW

By Nicole Nielsen January 27, 2021 at 6:48 pm

Fort Worth N95 Mask Company Initially Discarded As Tarrant County Supplier.

The problem was their mask, though federally approved, wasn’t one of the six brands, four of which were Chinese, Tarrant County was accepting bids from.

“We were immediately disqualified because Tarrant County was looking for some specific models that were made in China. We are not, we are made in Fort Worth, USA,” Bielamowicz said.

Watch the whole story here

PPE Held to the Highest Standards

Our safety shouldn't be outsourced—and yet it often is. We're here to change that. 

You may have struggled to find authentic N95masks for sale. If so, you’ve come to the right place. United States Mask manufactures PPE using only the best equipment and materials. Our N95masks are 100% made in the USA and adhere to strict quality control guidelines. Accept no substitute—insist upon Made in America for your health and safety.

But don't take our word for it. Find us listed as a NIOSH certified N95 manufacturer on the Centers for Disease Control website.

For Peace of Mind

For Quality Assurance

For Commitment to Country

For Those in Need

“We are so grateful for the support and generosity of companies like United States Mask that recognize the growing issue of hunger and look for ways to contribute to organizations addressing this complex problem on a daily basis. The masks allow us to protect our workers and focus on our mission of bridging the hunger gap in North Texas during this critical time.”

Erica Yaeger, Chief External Affairs Officer for the North Texas Food Bank

About Us

Founded in early 2020, United States Mask was created to provide quality personal protective equipment (PPE) for our nation's first responders. Today, our goal is for all people to have access to authentic, quality N95 respirators—and we’re here to provide it for them.

There was a shocking lack of preparedness and supply of this critical protective equipment at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. An estimated 90% of this PPE had been manufactured overseas, and when America needed this equipment most, it was almost impossible to find. 

As we strive to be the United States’ number one resource for quality N95 masks, we stand proudly behind our product’s American roots. Whether it’s needed for industrial, medical, government or personal use—we've put our stake in the ground and are here to break away from our dependence on other countries.

Independence is embodied throughout our company's culture. Our logo is inspired from the typeface from first printed copy of the Declaration of Independence; our company colors are a nod to Air Force One; and our first NIOSH-approved N95 respirator is the Model 1836, the year of Texas' independence. 

​Our products make zero sacrifices. We aim to create the most comfortable, reliable and quality PPE on the market. Our team has sourced the highest quality materials and most advanced equipment to ensure that our customer's feel safe every time they use a United States Mask product. The comfortability in knowing you have the best available protection is what started and drives all of us at United States Mask. We're here for America and will continue to be here every time you need us.