United States Mask's 1836 N95 is a NIOSH approved (TC-84A-PH20) N95 respirator under the Public Health Emergency. This respirator is for immediate use and the approval is effective until the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of the emergency use of personal respiratory protective devices during the COVID-19 outbreak is terminated. 


Comfortable Fit

Dual non-latex head straps

Sturdy nosepiece that prevents "rebounding"

Breathable material

Soft inner lining 

The Kid95 was designed to be used by children ages 4-12, but as most parents know, kids come in all shapes and sizes. The Kid95 fits children best who are between 50 - 100 lbs. 

The model in the photo is 8 years old and weighs 55 pounds. 

Read all cautions, warnings, and fitting instructions before use.

Step 1: Using both hands, open the mask by bending the metal nose piece outwards until it is flat. 

Step 2: Place chin in the mask and pull both straps over your head. 

Step 3: Position the bottom strap around the neck and below the ears. Position the top strap around the crown of the head. 

Step 4: Using two hands, mold the metal nose piece to the shape of your nose by gently pushing inward. 

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