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The Eagle, 5-Layer Premium Adult Face Mask | Pack of 40

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Who is the Eagle Mask For? 

Whether you are going to the grocery store, traveling, or just trying to be safe, the Eagle Mask offers 95% particulate filtration. The Eagle Mask is what we choose for ourselves and our families. 

The Eagle Mask is NOT and will not be certified by NIOSH or the FDA. 

The Eagle is made with the same materials and equipment as our original 1836 N95 respirator. Although the Eagle Mask will not undergo the lengthy NIOSH certification process, we hold it to the same filtration and breathability testing requirements as our original 1836 N95 respirator.

If you have recently bought the 1836 N95, you will notice that the head straps are stronger and more resistant, providing a more secure seal to your face. 

Why is the Eagle Mask not certified? 

As a community, your safety matters to us and the Eagle Mask is our way of keeping you safe right now. While we continue the certification process for our new N95 model, we rolled up our sleeves to offer you the Eagle Mask. If the N95 certification is important to you, stay tuned and we will notify you as soon as it is released. 

We try our best to ship within 24 hours Monday - Friday.

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Is the Eagle Mask a N95? 

The Eagle mask has NOT gone through the NIOSH or the FDA certification process. That being said, The Eagle Mask uses all the same materials as our NIOSH approved 1836 and each lot must pass the same filtration and breathability tests required for N95 respirators. Unfortunately, United States Mask can no longer manufacture the 1836 N95 since we officially stopped production in 2021. 

Does the Eagle Mask replace the new N95 model? 

No, we are still in the process of certifying our new N95 model. Since we officially stopped production of our N95 model, the 1836, in 2021 we must wait until NIOSH approves our new model. Until then, United States Mask is offering The Eagle Mask which uses the same filtration materials as the 1836 N95 and tested to the same filtration and breathability standards as an N95. 

5-layer Design with 95% particulate filtration*

Soft inner lining

Foldable Design and Individually Sealed for On-the-Go

Strong, Cloth Head Straps

*Particulates .3 microns and larger