Proudly producing N95 respirators and other safety products, all made in America. 

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Whether it is our N95 respirator or the Kid95 mask, we know what having U.S. made protection means to you. It means a sense of safety for you or a loved one. It's why we started this company. We're working around the clock to bring you new products and will notify you as soon as they are available. 

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A Word From Us To You

This company was started on a simple idea. It’s the idea that there are some products we need in this great country which shouldn’t be outsourced. We know from the millions of N95 respirators we’ve been able to make, that it’s something that YOU agree with. We started a mask company, but YOU made it a movement. 

As we’ve been making our N95 respirator, you’ve told us everything that you loved about our N95; the comfort, the reliability, and the assurance that it was made HERE from awesome materials that work. But there was one request that we heard more than any other…

“Why can’t I find a good mask for my kid, and when are you going to make one?”

We heard you. We’re so proud to be beginning production on the Kid95 mask; the mask that was fitted to real kids, to actually do something to protect THEM. We took the same materials from our N95, and spent months designing, re-designing, testing, and re-testing, and what came out was the Kid95 mask. It’s not an N95 respirator (NIOSH doesn’t certify N95 respirators for children) but we hold it to the same filtration standards and make it from the same materials we’ve made our N95 respirator with.

You might also be wondering about our why we’re out of stock of our adult 1836 N95 respirator. We want to assure you we’re working hard on our new model and will resume production as soon as possible. We know what it means to you when you have an N95 respirator you can trust. We feel it's important to keep you updated and informed you as to why we are out of stock.   

Our 1836 N95 is certified by NIOSH under the public health emergency, which means the 1836's approval is only effective while the emergency use of personal respiratory protective devices is in effect. United States Mask was one of a select few who were approved to manufacture N95 respirators under this emergency use authorization and we’re proud of that. The 1836 N95 represents what we’re capable of when Americans set their mind to something. We had to make the difficult decision suspend production of the 1836 N95 to focus on certifying a new N95 with a conventional approval which would go beyond this emergency. It’s time consuming, and while we’ve been waiting for final approval, we worked on the creation of the Kid95.

We’re glad you’re here. If you’ve bought one of our products, shared our story with a friend, or if you just believe in what we’re doing, THANK YOU for being a part of this movement. Some things are just too important to outsource, and together, we’re going to make sure we all keep taking care of each other.


John and David 

Co-Founders of United States Mask


NIOSH Certified N95 Respirator 

Not all heros wear a cape, but everyone has the power to feel safe. Our respirators are produced in America, with the best quality materials and design to ensure protection, comfort, and ease. 

  • Filters over 95% of airborne particles and liquids
  • Foldable Design 
  • Certified by the CDC/NIOSH
  • Head straps
  • 5 Layer Design 
  • Made in Arlington, Texas

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Kid95 - 10 Pack
Kid95 - 10 Pack
Kid95 - 10 Pack
Kid95 - 10 Pack
Kid95 - 10 Pack
Kid95 - 10 Pack
Kid95 - 10 Pack
Kid95 - 10 Pack

Kid95 - 10 Pack



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